Product Information

Dynacycle High Performance Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

Dynacycle 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is a semi-synthetic blend for demanding riders who require nothing less than the best protection available. It is specifically designed to provide excellent protection in the extreme heat of air-cooled or high performance motorcycle applications, reducing friction and increasing horsepower. In addition, special proprietary additives ensure minimal deposits, and rust inhibitors prevent excessive wear common from short rides or high humidity.  Dynacycle meets API SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG, and JASO MA/MA2 standards (for wet clutch compatibility) and can be used in motors and transmissions, as well as primary drives as a substitute for API GL1 gear oil.

  •  Exceeds API SN requirements for deposit formation limits
  • Extreme shear stability results in little to no viscosity loss
  • Anti-foaming tendency leaves no risk of poor film strength
  • Low friction reduces wear and heat generation, extending the life of engine parts
  • Up to 4% hp increases over major competitors!


Performance Specifications

  • API SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG
  • SAE 20W-50



Dynacycle Motor Oil is suitable in any motorcycle applications requiring a 50 weight engine oil. JASO MA2 clutch compatibility gives the oil versatility to perform in wet, dry, or separate clutch applications. This oil provides exceptional performance in air cooled motorcycle engines, but is suitable for any engine configuration.

“It’s Simple! Dynacycle Reduces Friction. Low Friction Means More Horsepower, Higher Fuel Economy, and Reduced Engine Wear!” 


Performance Properties

  • Kinematic Viscosity; 104°F (40°C)                        | 152 cSt
  • Kinematic Viscosity; 212°F (100°C)                      | 17.85 cSt
  • Viscosity Index                                                            | 130
  • Cold Cranking Viscosity; 5°F (-15°C)                    | 5417 cP
  • Shear Stability by Diesel Injector Method         | 1.6% viscosity loss
  • NOACK Volatility                                                          | 7.72% weight loss
  • Four Ball Wear Scar Diameter;
  • 40 kg, 1200 rpm, 75°C for 1 hour                        | 0.43 mm
  • Four Ball Wear Coefficient of Friction                 | 0.1181
  • Foaming Tendency; Sequence I/II/III                     | 0/10/0


Unique Benefits

  • Unique combination of additives provides a high level of protection allowing for a lower and more efficient viscosity
  • Low viscosity with extremely high stability increases horsepower through the properties of less fluid friction in the crankcase with guaranteed stay-in-grade viscosity stability
  • Highly effective additives that decrease friction between metal surfaces but still facilitate wet clutch engagement result in a high engine power output without sacrificing performance elsewhere