Performance Testing

Dynacycle Oil has the Best Overall Engine Protection and Performance in the industry, and it increases horsepower and lowers the engine's temperature under the harshest conditions

Dynacycle, a HIGH PERFORMANCE 20W-50 engine oil, is specially formulated to provide Superior lubrication under the most demanding and severe operatio...ns. Its outstanding low temp fluidity ensures easy cranking and excellent post startup protection. 

Dynacycle Oil is guaranteed to lower your engine temperature up to 30°F over conventional oils and up to 15°F over most full synthetic oils. Using Dynacycle Oil will REDUCE FRICTION dramatically, and as a result, your Engine's HORSEPOWER and TORQUE will be Increased .... As a residual effect, you can expect improved fuel mileage and extended engine life.



Independent Testing Done by NRHS Performance 

Dan Dunn, owner of NRHS V-Twin Performance located in Longmont, Colorado, proudly states "NRHS specializes in all things Harley and Buell including CNC Headwork, Engine/Bore Kits, Dynamometer Tuning, Parts, and Services." He and the NRHS Racing Team have set the record for the "Fastest American V-Twin" at Bonneville 6 of the last 8 years.

Dan says, "We consider it a Win-Win whenever you get an increase in horsepower and lower engine temperatures especially in harsh conditions like the Salt Flats. My racing team and I are very impressed with Dynacycle Oil and the way it performs. The bearings and pistons still looked new even after running multiple passes at RPMs above 7,500 for 2 miles at a time."

Dan also took the time to Dyno test Dynacycle Oil

During the dynamometer testing, Dan was able to document that Dynacycle Oil out performed Amsoil MCV. The test, conducted on a Dynojet 168 / 188 dynamometer using a 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1250cc as a mule, measured an increase of an additional 1.6 more horsepower, 1.8 more pounds of torque, and ran 10 degrees cooler just by changing the oil to Dynacycle. 

An increase in Horsepower with a decrease in engine temp's is proof of less friction and wear inside your engine.



More Independent Dynamometer Testing

More independent Dynamometer testing was conducted by Ken Miller of Ken Miller Customs

Ken Miller Customs
7469 Waynesburg Dr. SE, Waynesburg, Ohio
(330) 806-6813.

During the Dyno testing, Ken used a Dynojet Superflow Windyn and a 2010 Ultra Classic as a mule. Ken documented that Dynacycle oil out performed Red Line HP.

  • During the Red Line test phase, the Dyno measured 53.7 Horsepower and 75.3 Ft Lbs of Torque.
  • During the Dynacycle test phase, the Dyno measured 55.5 Horsepower and 76.2 Ft Lbs of Torque.

The test results shows that by switching from Red Line HP to Dynacycle oil, an increase of 1.8 Horsepower and 0.9 Ft Lbs of Torque was gained, thus confirming the reduction in engine friction.

Ken also tested Dynacycle oil against Spectro HD,

Using the Dynojet Superflow Windyn and the 2010 Ultra Classic mule, Ken documented that Dynacycle oil out performed Spectro HD.

During the Spectro test phase, the Dyno measured 55.3 Horsepower and 74.2 Ft Lbs of Torque. During the Dynacycle test phase, the Dyno measured 56.2 Horsepower and 74.9 Ft Lbs of Torque. The test results shows that by switching from Spectro HD to Dynacycle oil, an increase of 0.9 Horsepower and 0.7 Ft Lbs of Torque was gained, thus confirming the reduction in engine friction.



More proof that Dynacycle Oil is Superior on the Street, the Track and on the Dyno.

Dynacycle Oil works great in everything from your stock Harley to your Big Inch High Performance Harley, Chopper, Bobber or whatever you ride. Dynacycle Oil out performs all the top selling motorcycle oil's on the market today.

If you really care about your motorcycle, Use Dynacycle Oil for Superior Protection and Performance!

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Dynacycle oil is a Biker owned and operated company.

Dynacycle oil is made in the USA.

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