Dynacycle Oil FAQ's

What are the overall benefits of Dynacycle?

Dynacycle 20W-50 semi-synthetic oil will dramatically reduce your engine temperature, typically by 20-30°F over conventional oils and 5-15°F over most full synthetic oils. Its friction reducing formula will increase your oil pressure, extend piston and bearing life, and ultimately produce more horsepower and torque. Dynacycle resists both viscosity and thermal breakdown with its superior shear stability at high RPMs, to provide excellent protection in the extreme heat of air-cooled or high performance motorcycle applications. In addition, special proprietary additives ensure minimal deposits, and rust inhibitors prevent excessive wear common from short rides or high humidity.  Dynacycle meets API SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG, and JASO MA/MA2 standards and can be used in motors and transmissions, as well as primary drives as a substitute for API GL1 gear oil.



What is the difference between Full Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic oil (like Dynacycle)?

All motor oils are made up of base oils and additives. In general, fully synthetic motor oils contain non-conventional, high-performance fluids. Semi-Synthetic oils like Dynacycle use a blend of non-conventional, high-performance fluids in combination with conventional oil. This allows Dynacycle to offer the exceptional performance of a synthetic oil with the low price of a conventional oil.



What are differences between Dynacycle Semi-Synthetic Oil and other Semi-Synthetic oils on the market?

Unlike most other Semi-Synthetics, Dynacycle contains no graphite and silicone. Dynacycle specifically formulated for motorcycle applications, and is an optimum mix of synthetic and petroleum base stocks resulting maximum stability and cooling performance.



Will Dynacycle void my manufacturers warrantly?

The simple answer is NO! By using Dynacycle, you are giving your bikes engine the best protection available and complying with all factory oil requirements including API SM/CI-4, SH, SG, CF, CD, JASO MA, and CG-4 standards. The Magnusson-Moss Act (MMA) restricts manufacturers and dealers from forcing consumers to use OEM lubricants/oils and/or OEM parts to maintain warranty coverage. You don’t limit yourself to Ford branded oil in your Ford or GM branded oil in your Chevy – why limit yourself on your motorcycle?



Can I break in my motorcycle with Semi-Synthetic oil?

We recommend using standard petroleum motor oil for the first 500 miles on any new or rebuilt engine. This break-in period is actually a form of controlled wear, allowing metal parts to wear into each other, creating a match. Once break-in is complete, you should switch to Dynacycle to keep the parts from wearing further. This is where our exclusive anti-wear formula does its job by actually forming a chemical bond to metal engine parts, and by protecting them from cold engine start-ups, extreme heat situations, and everything in between.



What are the recommended oil change intervals for Dynacycle?  Can I go longer with Semi-Synthetic?

Our rigorous testing has proven that you can more than double the oil change interval from what the manufacturer recommends for petroleum oil by using Dynacycle Semi-Synthetic Oil. This results in reduced cost and less downtime for service. Of course, if you want to change your oil in accordance with manufacturer’s service intervals, that’s fine too!



Can I use Dynacycle Oil in my Transmission and Primary?

You can use Dynacycle Oil in your Twin Cam Transmission and Primary Chain Case. However, if your motorcycle is a High Performance or Racing bike, we do not recommend it. Most clutch manufacturers do not recommend using a synthetic oil in the primary chain case due to the possibility of clutch slippage. Dynacycle Oil is a semi-synthetic motor oil, and as such contains synthetic elements. We believe it is safer to always follow the clutch manufacturer’s recommendations, and in our experience they usually recommend pure petroleum fluid.



I own an older motorcycle and I want to use Dynacycle Semi-Synthetic oil. Do you recommend I use Dynacycle?

Dynacycle can be used in any model or year 4 stroke engine. All engines benefit from Dynacycle by running cooler due to reduced friction. So whether you’ve got a Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evo, Twin Cam, or anything in between that uses 20W/50 oil, Dynacycle is the oil of choice!



What color is Dynacycle Oil?

Dynacycle Oil’s “Signature Coloring” is bright red. Please rest assured that the red dye has no impact on the high quality performance of Dynacycle Oil.